PABLO ROQUERO OFFICE is a collaboration-based design firm working in the fields of architecture and urbanism with a trans-scalar and interdisciplinary approach. 

While the body of work of the office displays projects for a wide range of different programs, such as collective housing, educational, cultural, research, and institutional buildings, as well as large-urban-scale endeavors, the central theme of our work focuses on designs that explore formal organizations and processes, to find new connections between architecture, landscape, and urbanism. Our projects aim to articulate beauty, clarity, and boldness with meaningful socio-spatial development to support ecological systems and promote integrated communities.

The office is directed by Pablo Roquero. He holds a Master's degree in Architecture (with honors) from the Harvard Graduate School of Design and a professional degree in Architecture from Universidad de la República in Uruguay.

His professional career has been shaped in various countries where he has collaborated with recognized architects such as Ricardo Bofill in Spain, Hashim Sarkis in the USA, and Winy Maas in the Netherlands. He has served as an external consultant for the Housing and Urban Development Division of the IADB, and he has worked as a researcher at notable academic institutions such as TU Delft, Harvard, and MIT.

His design work has been awarded several prizes and recognitions, as well as it has been published and exhibited in international journals and venues such as the World Architecture Festival and the Venice Biennale of Architecture.

Ria de Ciencia; Vigo, Spain; Laboratories; 25.000 SQM; International Competition; In collaboration with Alvaro Novas and IND [Inter.National.Design].

Participatory Library; Madrid, Spain; 2.000 SQM; International Competition; In collaboration with Roi Salgueiro.

Housing What’s Next; Washington DC, USA; Exhibition; Creative Direction at IADB.

Edificio Brits;  Montevideo, Uruguay; Collective housing, 13.000 SQM; Under Construction; In collaboration with Fabrizio Devoto.

Art Complex; 400.000 SQM; International Competition, First Prize; Under Construction; In collaboration with RBTA.

Undisclosed Project; 2 SQKM; International Competition, First Prize; In collaboration with RBTA.

Vertical Grids; Xiamen, China; International Competition; In collaboration with RBTA.

A Human-Centered Smart City, Xiongan, China; Commissioned Study; In collaboration with RBTA.

Open School in Smichov: Prague, Czech Republic; 13.000 SQM; International Competition, 3rd Prize; In collaboration with IND [Inter.National.Design].

Agri-Food Learning Center; Ariano Irpino, Italy; 5.000 SQM; International Competition; In collaboration with IND [Inter.National.Design].

Fair Play; Grand Turk, Turk and Caicos Islands; Urban Planning Guidelines; Commission; Completed; By Sofía Saveedra, Felix Madrazo, Martín Delgado and Pablo Roquero.

Cyprus National Museum; Nicosia, Cyprus; 15.000 SQM; International Competition; In collaboration with IND [Inter.National.Design].

Querétaro University Campus; Querétaro, Mexico; University Masterplan; 115.000 SQM; Commissioned Study; In collaboration with CCA and Adriana Chavez.

Housing Villa 20; Buenos Aires, Argentina; ; 11.000 SQM; Social Housing Design Competition, Mention; In collaboration with Mariano Gomez Luque and Pablo Barría Urenda.

Prague Seven City Hall; Prague, Czech Republic; Two Stage International Design Competition, Finalist; In collaboration with IND [Inter.National.Design] and Giovanni Bellotti.

Bucaramanga Metropolitana; Bucaramanga, Colombia; Guidelines for the City Expansion; Commissioned Study, Completed; In collaboration with Manto.

Anti-Object; Cambridge, MA, USA, Two-Stage Design Competition, 2nd Prize, In collaboration with M. Gomez Luque and M. Scarlett.

City Shock: Planning the Unexpected; Research and publication; By The Why Factory; Co-edited by Winy Maas, Felix Madrazo, Pablo Roquero and Jeronimo Mejia.

ResearchResearch, Cambridge, MA, USA; Research and Publication; In collaboration with Rola Idris.

Proteceramics; Valencia, Spain; Design Research and Exhibition; Completed; Conducted by MAP&S Group, Harvard Graduate School of Design.

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